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Shadow Tech

Shadow Tech LLC, known for Hog Saddle Shooting Platform, are built to cater to the needs of special operations, military snipers and the law enforcement community. They are rugged, versatile, highly portable, easy to maintain, and excellent hunting pals for professionals. These products are Made in the USA. The rifles are impact and corrosion resistant for the benefit of the military sniper. Shadow Tech’s Hog Saddle is a firm, stable support platform that’s drafted by a Marine scout sniper along with an OIF veteran. It is flexible enough to heighten the user’s ability to make a challenging and responsible one-shot kill from the field or hillside. Most Shadow Tech Rifle Rests are universal to any tripod platform as they make use of 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 thread attachments.

Select Shadow Tech’s Rifle Rests for better performance and shooting results that are spot on. Buy Now!

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