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Scopelist LE/Military Discount

Thank you for visiting We would like to thank you for your service. We provide a good discount on regularly priced products for the active military, veterans, first responders, and law enforcement and their immediate family members wherever permitted by the brands. Usually, the LE/Military discount is equal to or greater than our regular discount to any customer. Please note that we cannot offer further discounts on demos, already deeply discounted products, used products, products with very low or no margin, etc. Also please understand that we comply with the pricing policies & restrictions as set by some of the brands. 

We offer all the benefits of the MVP Members to our LE/Military Discount. This includes bulk discounts, referral bonuses, discounted expedited shipping, and MVP trade to LE/Military and family!

There are no commitments or min/max purchases - you need to simply use the Request a Quote in the cart page to get a quote. Please contact us for any questions.

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