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Schmidt Bender Zenith Riflescope

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Schmidt Bender Zenith Riflescope

The premium Schmidt Bender Zenith rifle scopes sport a distinctive design, and sleek and aesthetic shape. They received upon introduction the esteemed international IF Design Award. They were also chosen by Field & Stream magazine as the Best of the Best to add to their credibility. Armed with a streamlined elegance and compact demeanor, the scopes complement instead of dominating the user’s rifle and come with brilliant features.

Schmidt Bender Zenith promises remarkable imaging quality and high-level contrast up to the edge of the field of vision, irrespective of the stage of magnification. The entire magnification range can be taken care of in one 180 degree rotation (that is, a half turn-of the adjustment dial) of the tactile rubber adjustment knob. Important features include the inimitable FlashDot technology for amazingly bright and circular illuminated dot, which disappears when illumination is turned off, to lend an impeccable view of the reticle and hunting scene.

The eye relief, at 90 mm or 3 ½’’, is safe and comfy, too. The Schmidt Bender POSICON system, on the other hand, calls for graphic indication of the reticle position along with residual travel within the scope. This assists in mounting and sighting in, and ensuring the highest possible elevation and windage adjustment. The spare battery proves to be an additional safety feature.

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