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Schmidt Bender Stratos

Schmidt Bender Stratos

Schmidt and Bender Stratos riflescopes lineup mixes most favored features with innovative technologies to give a new face to the brand’s premium scopes. Highlights include brilliant optics, even contrast, 5x zoom, and FlashDot technology (which becomes invisible when turned off, brighter when turned on, and totally circular even when set to the highest brightness level). Some Stratos models also offer Posicon reticle adjustment and bullet drop compensation.

The Stratos scopes come with a unique ‘choose your light’ illumination system that is programmable. This lets the user make correct adjustments of the different illuminating functions to suit his needs; he can change the number and brightness, and also activate/ choose the angle of inclination. Last but not the least, Schmidt and Bender Stratos series has scopes for various all hunting applications.

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