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Schmidt Bender Scopes

Schmidt & Bender, one of the most well-known suppliers of precision scopes in the world, has come up with a varied collection of sports optics to keep the hunter and shooter company in the range and field. It is based on pillars of quality, precision, tradition and innovation. It is also inclusive of scopes with illuminated and non illuminated reticles to allow the shooter shoot during the day as well as night. Based upon various hunting habits and rifles, the versatile lineup of Schmidt and Bender rifle scopes is divided into the following categories:

Schmidt Bender Police Marksman II
Made in close cooperation with law enforcement and military forces across the globe, Schmidt Bender Police Marksman II Riflescope is known for exceptional precision and reliability. The series allows correct shot at short, medium and long and distances to cover probable scenarios of application.

Schmidt Bender Zenith
Schmidt Bender Zenith Riflescope is sleek, aesthetic and a proven choice. Brilliant imaging quality and high-level magnification along with FlashDot technology makes it stand out from the crowd.

Schmidt Bender Summit
Schmidt Bender Summit Riflescope is especially crafted for American hunters. The low-profiled scope is high on light transmission and low on weight.

Schmidt Bender Klassik / Schmidt Bender Classic Variable
Schmidt Bender Classic Variable Riflescope flaunts a form that is more inclined towards the traditional design concept. The variable magnification series has evolved over time by undergoing several developments, and brought about utmost levels of reliability.

Schmidt Bender Klassik / Schmidt Bender Classic Fixed
Punctuated with a traditional design concept, Schmidt Bender Classic Fixed Riflescope has gone through many changes to evolve and offer maximum dependability. The fixed magnification scope is ideal for overcoming formidable hunting territories of the world.

Schmidt Bender Precision Hunter
Schmidt Bender Precision Hunter Riflescope is for those obsessed with speed, accuracy and precision. They are ideal for hunting and no-holds-barred overseas safaris.

Schmidt Bender Varmint
Schmidt Bender Varmint Riflescope is apt for long range varmint hunting. This is because it provides maximum light transmission along with wide magnification range to serve as an all around hunting scope.

Schmidt Bender Accessories
Schmidt Bender Riflescope Accessories are an effective way to ensure the sights offer optimal performance.

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