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Schmidt Bender PM II 4-16x42

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The Schmidt Bender PM II 4-16x42 is exclusively made at the request of the U.S. military. The demand was to come up a powerful long range sight with a smaller objective diameter. And that is exactly what the Schmidt Bender PM II 4-16x42 all about. It consists of an illuminated reticle along with parallax adjustment, which are individually regulated by a separate turret.

The Schmidt Bender PM II 4-16x42 is available with a couple of elevation adjustment options to suit the requirements. That is, a single turn, counter clockwise turret that has 0.1 Mil click values along with 13 MRad/ 130cm/ 46.8 MOA of adjustment; and a double turn clockwise turret which has 1/4 MOA click values along with 56 MOA total adjustment. Last but not the least, the Schmidt Bender PMII 4-16x42 L/P P4 Fine MOA comes with P3 or P4 Fine reticles to select from.

Schmidt Bender PM II Manual