Schmidt Bender PM II 1.1-4x20 Rifle Scope on Sale! Best Rates -
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Schmidt Bender PM II 1.1-4x20

Schmidt Bender PM II 1.1-4x20

The Schmidt Bender PM 1.1-4x20 or the Schmidt Bender PM II 1.1-4x20 with the ShortDot CQB is a unique combination of versatility and reliability. It comes endowed with an additional turret with 11 click stops which wonderfully regulates the illumination function of a precise red dot at the midpoint/ center of the reticle. What acts as a great advantage is the fact that the illumination level is completely variable, ranging from from barely visible to full bright. This makes it ideal for use with night vision devices and appropriate for fast, accurate shots in daylight. The Short Dot works as a regular sight with non-illuminated crosshairs when the illumination is turned off. Besides, the Schmidt Bender PM 1.1-4x20 Turret Rifle Scope can be sighted with both eyes open at lower magnifications. Also, the entire magnification range can be completed in a one 180 degree turn. What’s more, calibration rings are there for the M855, 75 Grain TAP and M118LR Load, and the scope is available with special CQB and No. 7 reticles. This is the first example of a riflescope that is inclusive of all possible applications of different illuminated reticle technologies merged into one device. No wonder it is considered as the ‘any light, any time and any circumstance’ scope. So no need to think twice. Get the best selling Schmidt Bender 1.1-4 x 20 Short Dot Police Marksman II CQB Locking Turret right away.

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