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Sauer 202 Rifles

JP Sauer and Sohn has been producing fine firearms since 1751 and is widely known in Germany, continental Europe and many other parts of the world.  The Sauer 202 rifle is a unique modular bolt action design that can accommodate a multitude of hunting and shooting situations. Crafted of only the finest materials and built with the highest precision, the Sauer 202 rifle is known for its accuracy and shooting comfort. Scopelist is pleased to be a distributor of these elegant and legendary rifles.  We have a broad selection of highly desired Sauer 202 Take Down Hatari and Sauer 202 Take Down Elegance rifles in stock. Many of these special rifles are chambered in big bore calibers for dangerous game. If you want to add barrels or change the caliber of a specific Sauer 202 rifle, we can also accommodate this.  Please call us at (866) 271-7212 to discuss all the options available on this beautiful line of rifles.

Sauer 202 Firearms Models

  • Sauer 202 Classic Rifles: An entry level introduction to the Sauer 202 rifle this rifle has a classically styled stock and coated with Sauer’s Illaflon coating
  • Sauer 202 Take Down Rifles: These rifles are the ultimate in portability and storage.  Each Sauer 202 Take Down can be broken down to a length of about 27 inches with the push of a button.  Available in many calibers, including large bore cartridges, the Take Down is the pinacle of what a modern day hunting firearm should be.
  • Sauer 202 Classic XT Rifles: This rifle has a weather resisting synthetic stock and Illaflon coated metal to handle the most severe hunting environments.
  • Sauer 202 Stutzen Rifles: Trim, short, and featuring a full length stock, the Stutzen rifle has a category 3 wood and distinct Bavarian style.
  • Sauer 202 Elegance Rifles: Understated elegance epitomizes the Sauer 202 Elegance rifle. Featuring the finest figured category 4 woods and metal finishes, it is the most distinctive version of the Sauer 202.
  • Sauer 202 Yukon Rifles: The Yukon has a camo finished synthetic stock and Sauer’s Camoflon metal finish. It is an ideal tracking or stalking rifle.
  • Sauer 202 Hatari Rifles: The Hatari is a rifle ready for Africa.  Featuring a heavy contour barrel, large dangerous game calibers up to the 458 Lott, express sights and a straight combed stock for instinctive shooting, the Hatari is built to handle the world’s toughest game.
  • Sauer 202 Highland Rifles: Lighter in weight than the standard Sauer 202 this rifle has a fluted barrel, category 3 wood and is built for the backpacking hunter.
  • Sauer 202 Outback Rifles: The Sauer 202 Outback rifle is based on the XT line of guns and is crafted to a finished weight of 2.9 kilograms (6.3 pounds) on a synthetic stock.

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