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Sauer 202 Take Down Rifles

JP Sauer Take Down Rifle

Diversity: That word aptly describes the Sauer 202 Take Down rifle system. The Sauer 202 Take Down offers the hunter and shooting enthusiast refinement in taste and distinction combined with flexibility to travel the world. The takedown feature of the rifle is very simple, robust and easy to break the rifle into two small sections for travel and requires no tools to accomplish the task. The Sauer 202 TD features a steel receiver and all parts are coated with the Sauer proprietary Illaflon coating for superb rust resistance. The receiver can accommodate all calibers from 6.5x55 up to dangerous game cartridges such as the powerful 458 Lott. Switching from left hand to right-handed configuration is simple and the six locking lugs on the bolt link to the barrel directly for perfect headspacing and accuracy on assembly. Each rifle has a set trigger for accurate shooting control. The Sauer 202 Take Down wood stock has a cheekpiece, pistol grip cap and distinctive forend and can be had in Grade 4 Turkish walnut with beautiful figure. Each Sauer Take Down Elegance rifle has a jeweled bold with a swept back bolt handle. The rifles include a detachable magazine. Upon takedown the rifle is only 27.5 inches in length which is perfect for travel and storage.

These rifles have a distinctive configuration that offers beauty and craftsmanship in a portable package. Numerous options and calibers are available for the shooter and we can guide you to choosing the perfect setup for your requirements. We stocka variety of barrels and options for this rifle. Call us today at (866) 271-7212 to place your order or to have your questions answered.