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Sauer 101 Rifles

Sauer 101 Rifle is the newest yardstick in the bolt-action rifle lineup. It brings to the user the most hassle-free bolt action rifle from the house of Sauer in the form of an elegant piece of machinery. Each Sauer rifle is made for hunters who wish to settle with nothing but accuracy and precision with every shot. In the offing is a smooth action of the bolt that will facilitate fast and noise-free extraction and chambering of the ammunition. Other features include beautiful wood and durable synthetic stock options, and meticulous machining. The Sauer 101 Rifles category is divided into the Sauer 101 Select, Sauer 101 Artemis, Sauer 101 Classic, Sauer 101 Forest, Sauer 101 GTI, Sauer 101 Scandic, Sauer 101 Alaska, Sauer 101 Classic XT and Sauer 101 Forest XT.

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