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SAS Suppressors

Suppressed Armament Systems Suppressors are built for different calibers and a variety of firearm platforms. Also known as SAS Suppressors, they are effective across the full range of the caliber option they are made for. They are attached to the barrel of the firearm to bring down the noise and visible muzzle flash that is generated at the time of firing. Commendable reduction of sound signatures is their forte. No modifications have to be made on the firearm for attaching them.

SAS Suppressors bear the design of a tubular shell. They have a compact size, minimal weight, and are made of either titanium or aluminum. Be it a SAS titanium suppressor or an aluminum one, weight of the suppressor varies model-wise. Mounting them is hassle-free. The SAS Suppressor series is apt for use by militaries and shooters across the globe.