Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifles for Sale -
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Sako Synthetic Black Rifles

Sako Synthetic Black Rifles

Sako Synthetic Black Rifles

The Synthetic Black Rifles series forms a unique choice for hunters and shooters who want Sako’s legendary features juxtaposed with an entirely matte black-finished option. It brilliantly complements stealth appearances with its combination of barrel, action, magazine plate and trigger guard, all matching in color. Features like Soft Touch color-coated stock pave the way for a firm, comfortable grip and stunning profile for the Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifle. Weather resistant stainless metal parts adds to the look.

Black Fluted Barrel

The fluted barrel of the Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifle is rounded off with a matte black finish. The barrel is free-floating and cold-hammer forged, with barrel blanks that are drilled, honed and manually inspected. To optimize precision and bullet performance, the twist rates have been chosen for each caliber. The barrel has a non-reflecting, satin-like surface.


The Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifle stock has ergonomics that encourage optimal shooting posture, great balance and seamless bolt operation in fast hunting situations. Black soft touch coating on the stock ensures firm grip.


Size of the Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifle action is matched to cartridges for smooth functioning. The controlled cartridge feed (RCS) negates double feed/ cartridge jams. The turn-bolt handle makes sure the hand can be placed in a natural position at the time of a bolt operation and facilitates rapid repeated firing.


The two-row magazine of the Sako 85 Synthetic Rifle is staggered, detachable and available with Total Control Latch to curb accidental magazine release. Constructed of stainless steel, it can be top loaded via ejection port.


The trigger and the bolt handle of the Synthetic Black Rifle are locked by the two-way Sako Safety System. The bolt handle lock / bolt release button facilitates loading of the rifle and unloading of the cartridge with the safety engaged.


The Sako 85 Synthetic Black Rifle is available with optional adjustable iron sights.


This Sako 85 has a single-stage trigger with adjustable weight of pull (that extends from 2 to 4lbs/ 1 to 2 kg). The rifle is available with all-steel trigger guard and optional single-set trigger.