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Sako S20 Parts & Accessories

The Sako S20 is a modular, multi-calibre rifle that is designed for versatility and precision. There are a number of parts and accessories available for the S20, including:

  • Barrels: The S20 can be equipped with different calibre barrels, allowing users to switch between calibres quickly and easily.
  • Stocks: The S20 is available with a range of stock options, including different materials and designs to suit different shooting styles and preferences.
  • Magazines: The S20 uses proprietary magazines that are available in different capacities and calibres.
  • Sights: The S20 can be equipped with a variety of sight options, including iron sights, red dot sights, and scopes.
  • Muzzle Devices: The S20 can be fitted with muzzle brakes, flash hiders, and suppressors to improve accuracy and reduce recoil.
  • Trigger: The S20 features a user-adjustable trigger, allowing users to fine-tune the trigger pull weight and feel to their liking.
  • Bipods and Tripods: Bipods and tripods can be attached to the S20 to provide a stable shooting platform.
  • Cases and Bags: The S20 is available in a variety of cases and bags to protect the rifle during transportation and storage.

It is always recommended to use genuine parts and accessories from the manufacturer to ensure that the S20 operates reliably and accurately.

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