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The Sako Quad rimfire rifle is an excellent example of trailblazing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking…four barrels - four rimfire calibers…all in one unique rifle. The Sako Quad allows the shooter to interchange barrels in any of the available calibers quickly and with minimal tools. The novel design is built such that the impact point is not lost when converting and changing barrels.

*** Scopelist *** is pleased to handle the full line of Sako Quad rifles and is especially thrilled to announce the the production of a special Sako Scopelist Custom Quad 22 LR exclusive to Scopelist. See the attached PDF file that outlines the full description of this rifle. Please call (866) 271-7212 to discuss the Sako Quad or the Scopelist Custom Model rifle with our sales staff.

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Sako Quad Features: Typical of Sako quality, the Quad rifle is built with the best materials; barrels that feature cold-hammered forged precision and craftsmanship that results in outstanding accuracy and function. Since its introduction the Sako Quad has been a phenomenal success with shooters. It is a great balance of practicality and performance. The Quad allows shooters to customize parts and components to build a rifle to meet their changing needs.

  • BARREL: The Sako Quad features a simple and quick interchangeable barrel system and all Sako Quad barrels are manufactured through a cold-hammer forging process that results in outstanding accuracy similar to the same barrels used on Sako centerfire rifles. Each barrel is color coded to indicate caliber. Barrels are free floated in the stock to further enhance their accuracy potential. The process for changing a Sako Quad barrel is very easy with a supplied tool and the video link below demonstrates the simplicity of the process
  • STOCK: The stock on the Sako Quad is of modern streamlined design and can be had in several configurations. An ambidextrous palm swell places the shooters grip uniformly and with repeatability. Stock material is avialble in walnut or modern fiber reinforced polymer.
  • ACTION: Sako Quad rimfire rifle is based on the Sako P04R bolt action design. The action features two locking lugs and the bolt lift angle is 50 degrees.
  • TRIGGER & SAFETY: The Sako Quad features a single stage trigger and can be adjusted from 2-4 pounds but an optional single set trigger is available as a special feature for the ultimate in accurate trigger control. The safety is a sliding mechanism and sits at the rear of the bolt handle where it locks both the bolt and the trigger when engaged.
  • MAGAZINE: Sako Quad magazines are color-coded and can house two different calibers. The magazine design prevents the inadvertent use of an improper combination with the barrel. The 5 round Sako Quad magazines are available in two lengths to match the calibers: a short magazine for 17 Mach 2 and 22 LR, and a long magazine for 17 HMR and 22 WMR.
  • CALIBERS: Available calibers include: 17 Mach 2 – a hot necked-down version of the popular 22LR, the 22 LR – The universal caliber for target shooting and close range small game hunting, the 17 HMR – A high velocity varmint cartridge with excellent ballistics up to 150 yards and the 22 WMR – The most powerful of the Sako Quad calibers which has the power to take larger small game and varmints.


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