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Sako 85 Grey Wolf Rifles

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Sako 85 Grey Wolf Rifles

The Sako Grey Wolf was designed with hard hunting in the worst weather mother nature can dish out. No other hunting rifle compares to the Sako Grey Wolf when you consider what you get for your money. These rifles offer flawless functioning after days in the rain or after a bath in salt water. The laminated wooden stock is much stronger than synthetic and is nearly impossible to break. Available in action lengths tailored to each caliber, choose the Sako Grey Wolf that best suits your hunting style. A .300 Win mag for Grizzly bear or a .3006 for whitetails in the swamps of Mississippi. Regardless of the caliber you choose, one thing is for sure; your other gear might fail, or you might give up, but a Sako Grey Wolf will never let you down.

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