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Remington RACS Chassis

Remington RACS Chassis or the Remington Accessory Chassis System takes into account cutting edge user-defined features like free-float tubular layout along with a user-defined, fully featured front handguard section. Firearm users can attach auxiliary rail sections (which are operator-selectable) in various lengths to any of the seven remaining facets of the octagonal handguard. This in turn lets the user install clip-on in-line night vision systems to the Remington RACS Chassis for sale without any hassle. Also in the offing, is the folding Remington Defense RACS Chassis buttstock that equips the user with a diverse array of adjustments to let him set the system as per his requirements and the operating conditions. Select from these Remington Defense RACS Chassis for sale and shop now for a successful performance at the range or in the field.

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