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Whilst appearing much like its predecessor, the Honey Badger 2.0 has some noticeable improvements from the original 'Badger, including a gas system, trigger, and stock upgrades.

Q, LLC. Pistols

Introducing the pinnacle of innovation in pistol design - Q, LLC. Explore The FIX, MINI FIX, and Honey Badger pistols, engineered for performance and precision. Elevate your shooting experience with cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship. Subscribe now to be the first to know about exclusive offers on Q, LLC. pistols!

Q, LLC. Silencers

Experience the ultimate in stealth and performance with Q, LLC. Silencers. From the PorQ CHOP to the Jumbo SHRIMP, El Camino, and Erector 9, silence your shots with precision and style. Don't miss out on exclusive offers - subscribe now and stay ahead of the sound!

Q, LLC. Muzzle Devices

Upgrade your firearm's performance with Q, LLC. Muzzle Devices. From the precision-engineered Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brakes to the innovative Whistle Tip Cherry Boom Blast, enhance your shooting experience with superior control and reduced recoil. Stay ahead of the pack - subscribe now for exclusive deals and updates!

Q, LLC. Accessories

Repair, replace, or enhance your Q firearm with factory parts for optimal performance. Shop barrels, stocks, receivers, bipods, and more for your Q rifle or pistol needs.

AR-15 Handguards

Shop some of the best AR-15 Handguards available. Whether you are completing a new build or upgrading your rifle, Daniel defense and Geissele provide some of the most durable and well designed handguards on the market.

Iron Sights

Iron sights are often a great accessory in the case of a broken optic, dead battery, or other sight related issue. Scalarworks, Magpul, Daniel Defense, Trijicon, and Meprolight offer great iron sight options to complement your rifle.

Rifle Triggers

Whether you need a single-stage or a two-stage trigger, a drop-in or a Mil-Spec trigger, you'll find it here from TriggerTech, Timney, and Geissele Automatics. These are the best rifle triggers on the market, offering unparalleled quality, reliability, and accuracy. Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your AR-15 with the trigger of your choice.

Semi-Auto Rifles

Shop both new and classic semi-auto rifles from some of the best rifle manufacturers in firearms today. Whether for defense, competition, or recreation, we have various options for every shooter!

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