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Rianov SOLO Ballistic Computer PT-SOLO

This product is discontinued and no longer available.

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The RIANOV™ SOLO is an optical ranging and ballistic calculating device that works in conjunction with your rifle scope, regardless of manufacturer or reticle marking type, thereby making all scopes Range Finding Scopes and at any magnification the user’s scope can be set.

After entering your weapon specific information, which can easily be completed prior to going to the field, simply enter the range to target and the RIANOV™ SOLO captures the critical environmental data and provides you with a custom firing solution for each shoot.

The patented RIANOV™ technology allows the user to collect zero data wherever they need to and still calculate the correct solution no matter where else on the planet the weapon is used. You can now have the confidence that your firing solution is accurate for your shot before you take it.

◘ All Aluminum Housing
◘ Compatible with all caliber rifles (.22 - .50 caliber)
◘ Compatible with all scopes
◘ Light weight
◘ Adjustable display brightness


Weight:2.8 oz.
Display:LCD 16 Character x 3 Rows
Power Supply:CR-123
Battery Life:2 Years (based on average use case)
Item Condition:New
Rianov SOLO Ballistic Computer PT-SOLO
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