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Established in 2007, Operators Suppressor Systems started with the desire to build new and improved solution for suppressing contemporary weapon systems. It is now the next generation of weapon suppression that develops as well as manufactures suppressor systems to cater to real world, war-time applications. Produced by SOF, Army and Marine veterans in the USA, their products adhere to highest standards and demands of military, Special Forces, law enforcement, tactical and shooting professionals across the globe.

The company is highlighted by their patented Generation V Flow Through signature reduction technology. This technology takes into account a powerful shift from traditional baffle technology, that directly adds to improved weapon performance, dependability and tolerance, along with signature reduction. It prevents baffle blowback; toxic blowback in face, eyes and lungs; weapon fouling and malfunctions; rifle recoil and muzzle rise; and excess component heat and weapon wear.

Furthermore, the availability of Sound Reduction Modules (SRMs) results in technological advancement over baffle-based silencers and suppressors. The category of Operators Suppressor Systems for sale is divided into OSS Suppressors and OSS Accessories. The lineup is also inclusive of Elite Line Suppressors and the Helix Line. While the former is for Military forces that make use of full-auto fire weapons for reliable suppression, durability, sustainability and mission effectiveness in challenging conditions, the latter is made for military, law enforcement and sport shooters who require outstanding signature reduction, shooting experience as well as accuracy.

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