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Established in the year 1902 by Enger brothers, Norma has been the other name for words like precision, excitement, reward and renewal. The company has extended into hunting ammunition and heavily influenced military ammunition production at the same time. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its combination of skill, experience and outstanding engineering that holds tolerances to thousandths of a millimeter. Furthermore, the Norma Ammunition Company is built around knowledge, long lasting tradition and high-performing employees. Interestingly, many of the employees of Norma are hunters, shooters and successful marksmen themselves who understand the process of hunting better than those who are new to the world of hunting. In the offing are Norma Target Ammo and Norma Hunting Ammo, with a wide range of cartridges that covers almost all types of hunting, from north to south and from east to west. Each Norma ammo and other product is made to undergo several tests to uphold the company’s promise to quality and precision.

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