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Nightforce Velocity Reticles

Nightforce Velocity Reticles

If you are in search of precision shooting at 1000 yards, Nightforce Velocity Reticles, from the advanced Nightforce Reticles series, is one of the best choices for you. Nightforce Optics has come up with a wide array of remarkably accurate reticles that are especially crafted to satiate specific ballistic requirements for almost all modern rifle cartridges. And the best part is, most modern rifle cartridges will adapt to one of the Nightforce Reticles, with minimal point-of-impact deviation from the reticle’s markings.

The Nightforce Velocity Reticles, like the Nightforce Velocity 1000 Reticles, are marked in 50-yard elevation up to 800 yards, and 25 yard increase from 800 to 1,000 yards. In addition to that, 5 mph increments are marked as the windage compensation. Features of Nightforce Velocity Reticles include:

  • Precise shot placement with no estimation of holdover

  • Removal of estimating holdover or counting elevation adjustments

  • Superior dynamics compared to ‘one size fits all’ drop compensating reticles

  • Ability to allow to synchronize the specified ballistic profile of the chosen rifle and load

  • Equipped with markings in 100 yard increments with 25 yard sub-indicators beyond 400 yards

  • Equipped with markings for windage elevation in 5, 10 and 15 mph increments

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