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Nightforce Spotting Scopes Accessories


Nightforce designed professional-quality tripod as the perfect platform for Nightforce spotting scopes. But that was just the start. Why not also make it an ideal shooting rest? And why not allow it to be quickly transformed into a monopod? What if the legs could morph into sturdy, adjustable trekking poles?

And let’s build it of carbon fiber, the most advanced, durable, lightweight material available.

It is the most complete system ever developed for the hunter, shooter, hiker, photographer, and videographers.

Miscellaneous Accessories

Heavy-Duty Sleeves

Add protection to your spotter without compromising functionality.

Carrying Case

Carries your spotting scope and accessories. Available individually or as a kit that includes spotting scope, eyepiece, protective sleeve, cleaning kit, fob lens cloth, and grommet kit.

30-60 x Wide Angle Eyepiece

A wider field of view allows easy tracking of moving animals and birds. (Nightforce TS-82 only)

Mil-Std. 1913 Rail

Allows attachment of a wide range of accessories.

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