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Nightforce Scopes with TReMoR5 Reticle

Nightforce scopes equipped with the TReMoR5 reticle offer shooters a powerful tool for precision shooting, particularly in long-range and competition settings. The Nightforce TReMoR5 reticle is designed to provide a clear and uncluttered field of view by removing Rapid Range bars and moving target holds, making it ideal for competition shooting. These scopes retain the 0.2 milliradian Horus Grid, patented Time of Flight Wind Dots, and TREMOR Milling Chevrons, which assist in range estimation, holdovers, windage corrections, and rapid target ranging. Nightforce scopes with the TReMoR5 reticle are well-suited for shooters looking to engage multiple targets at various distances quickly and accurately, enhancing their precision and effectiveness in demanding shooting scenarios.

The Nightforce TREMOR5 reticle is specifically designed to offer the fundamental functionality of the TREMOR3 reticle while providing a clearer field of view. This is achieved by eliminating the Rapid Range bars and moving target holds, which makes the TREMOR5 reticle particularly well-suited for competition shooting.

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