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Nightforce ATACR F1

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Nightforce ATACR F1

Nightforce Optics has brought two long range advanced tactical riflescopes to take you to a level that's even higher than the level attained by the brand's popular NXS series. While Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56 is the ultimate all-around long range riflescope, Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16x42 is the compact yet powerful mid-power scope you'd crave to have. Both these ATACR models come with First Focal Plane reticles.

Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56
Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 F1 is cut out for those looking for an all-around long range scope. It boasts of ED optics that helps the shooters get crystal clear image. Nightforce Optics has put their Hi-Speed ZeroStop feature in the scope, helping the shooters find zero instantly. The First Focal Plane scope comes with .25 MOA and .1 MRAD adjustment increments. To prevent any accidental adjustment during usage, this scope has capped windage adjustment. Besides, the presence of DigIllum digital reticle illumination helps in using the scope even in low light or dark conditions. Other important features of Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56 F1 include XtremeSpeed thread and Power Throw Lever.

Nightforce ATACR F1 4-16x42
Nightforce ATACR 4-16x42 F1 surpasses expectations through its impressive mid-powered optics and creates a new standard in the category. The riflescope comes with features like DigIllum digital reticle illumination (non-illuminated), capped windage adjustment, Nightforce ZeroHold feature, XtremeSpeed thread and Power Throw Lever. Its reticles are placed in First Focal Plane position, helping in windage, holdovers, and ranging at different magnifications and distances.

Comparisons of Nightforce ATACR F1 models

SpecificationsATACR F1 5-25x56ATACR F1 4-16x42
Magnification5x to 25x4x to 16x
Objective Lens Diameter56mm42mm
Objective Outer Diameter65mm50mm
Focal PlaneFirst Focal PlaneFirst Focal Plane
Elevation FeatureZeroStop (Patented by Nightforce)Nightforce ZeroHold
IlluminationDigillum (Non-illuminatedDigillum (Non-illuminated
PTL (Power Throw Lever)StandardStandard
Field of View18.7ft (for 5x) to 4.92ft (for 25x) @ 100 yards
5.7m (for 5x) to 1.5 m (for 25x) @ 100 meters
26.9ft (for 4x) to 6.9ft (for 16x)
8.1m (for 4x) to 2.1m (for 16x)
Exit Pupil Diameter8.3mm (5x) to 2.3mm (25x)10.3mm (for 4x) to 2.7mm (for 16x)
Eye Relief3.35-3.54 inches or 85-90 mm85-90mm or 3.35-3.54 inches
Internal Adjustment Rangee: 120 MOA or 35 Mil
w: 80 MOA or 23 Mil
e: 89 MOA or 26 Mil
w: 60 MOA or 18 Mil
Click Value.250 MOA.250 MOA
.1 Mil-rad
Parallax Adjustment45 yards to Infinity45 yards to Infinity
Length15.37 inches or 390 mm320 mm or 12.6 inches
Weight38 oz or 1077g30 oz or 850g
Mounting Length5.9 inches or 150 mm160 mm or 6.3 inches

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