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Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Rifle Scopes

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Rifle Scopes

Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 Rifle Scopes is a high quality device of military quality as it was originally designed for small arms used for military purposes. It also allows lower mounting profile. Serious hunters and professional shooters will find this riflescope invaluable for having a large Field of View (FOV) and practical magnification range. This premium riflescope comes with features including .1 MRAD adjustment, .250 MOA, and 110 MOA of internal travel that makes it perfect for usage with military snipers and law enforcement.

You will find many rave user views on the quality of Nightforce throughout the internet. However, one of the best Nightforce review is supposedly from a soldier himself who kept on using the same scope for three continuous days even after it was hit just in front of the magnification bezel by a 7.62x39 round with full penetration. As a testimonial he also submitted the damaged scope, which withstood bullet hit and let the soldier use it to take down enemies with perfect precision.

The soldier was not hit by the bullet fortunately. He just had to wrap the damaged scope with a duct tape and continued his mission without having to replace the Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NXS. Even after being hit by a bullet there was neither any shift in point of impact nor any compromise of other functions. After the soldier submitted the scope, it was examined in the factory where our experts found out that all the features including focusing, tracking, and others worked just fine. Most importantly, point of impact was held just like a new scope. Whether you choose standard turret model or optional zero stop turret, it is rest assured that you will get the best result.

Some of the important specs of this premium rifle scope include 3.5-15x magnification, 50mm objective diameter, 14.3mm @ 3.5x / 3.6mm @ 15x exit pupil diameter, 27.6ft @ 3.5x 7.3ft @ 15x or 8.4M @ 3.5x 2.2M @15x or @100 Yards/100 Meters Field of View (FOV), 99mm Eye Relief, 100MOA elev. 80MOA wind / 30MIL elev. 21.8Mil wind internal adjustment range, .250MOA / .1Mil-Rad Click Value, 30mm Tube Diameter, 36mm Ocular Diameter, 30oz weight, 14.7 inch overall length, and standard illumination. Reticle specifications that users will get at Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50 include NP-R1, NP-R2, MLR, MIL-DOT, MOAR and Velocity 1000 (LV.5, MV.5, HV, HV.5, HVM, HVM.5, UHV, UHV.5). What are you waiting for? Grab this excellent device that not only survives the harshest weather conditions but also lets you point out the target precisely and take it down.

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