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Nightforce F1 Rifle Scopes

Nightforce F1 Rifle Scopes

The Nightforce F1 rifle scope was a result of the US military’s request for a fast and accurate optical sighting device for a wide range of targets at various distances. These are tactical rifle scopes that have intuitive adjustments. The user will greatly benefit from using the fast, precise, reliable, and responsive device with his firearms.

The reticle in the Nightforce F1 rifle scope is located in the first focal plane, giving the shooter a distinct advantage in emergencies, especially when he may come across targets from up close to 1000 yards or beyond. This makes it a great combination with rangefinding reticles. The best thing about a first focal plane reticle is that it remains in the same visual proportion to the target throughout the scope's magnification range.

Highlights of Nightforce NXS F1 rifle scopes include fast and accurate functioning, 90% light transmission, a wide field of view, and rugged and reliable performance.

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