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MOA Evolution Long Range Hunter

MOA Evolution Long Range Hunter from MOA Rifles is a purpose-built long range hunting rifle series. This MOA Evolution Rifle is available with an interesting set of attributes that is inclusive of McMillan A-3 stock, M16 Badger Ordnance extractor, and Cerakoted Action with scope base pin holes drilled between the scope base holes and proprietary picatinny scope bases with the pins installed. Also in the offing is the Sendero Controur stainless steel plus Cerakote match grade barrel which comes specified twist rates for all the newest, highest B.C. bullets. Adding to that is a 90° bolt handle, timney trigger, BDL bottom metal, multi-ported removable muzzle brake, external bolt stop, spiral fluted firing pin, and .001 action tolerance owing to which lapping the bolts and actions is not necessary. So take your pick from the series of MOA Evolution Long Range Hunter on sale and get ready to bring home an accurate barrel that is combined with an advanced action, and bedded in the best stock in the industry. Shop now.

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