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The MGM Switchview throw lever is a lightweight accessory that can be conveniently installed with a screw for closure as well as fit. It clamps around the power adjustment ring of variable power rifle scopes to render hassle-free adjustment of the optical instrument's power setting, which is done with a simple push or pull of the lever. Depending on the scope as well as the switchview throw lever model, the accessory can be used with Schmidt & Bender, Zeiss Victory/ Zeiss Conquest, Bushnell Elite, Mueller APT, Weaver Classic Extreme, US Optics, Leupold Mark IV, Leatherwood Hi-Lux, Sightron SIIISS series and other scopes with corresponding dimensions. The MGM throw lever needs a certain amount of clearance between the optics body and the nearest object for installation and proper operation. It is mostly available in anodized flat black color.

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