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Merkel Shotguns

The Merkel Shotguns series is inclusive of Merkel Side By Side Shotguns, the finest doubles from Suhl. They are essentially hunting guns made from high grade steel. Representing the good old days, they are known for their superior levels of durability, performance and craftsmanship. Each Merkel Shotgun is distinguished by optical lightness, classical design of side by side arrangement of the barrels, well-proportioned and well-formed stock with fine checkered butt plate, and double trigger (standard) with optional single trigger.

Other features of the light and wonderfully elegant Merkel Shotguns for sale consist of a classical barrel hook, detachable V-spring sidelocks, Anson & Deeley locks or sidelocks and William Greener style cross bolt with double bottom bite (which is developed by William Greener and representative of gunmaking at its finest). The shotguns also include individually adapted receivers that are made for the three calibers on offer. This in turn helps keeps the receivers slim and the firearms light as well as responsive.

Steel interlocked steel with the Merkel top-down principle and a gas pressure system are also part of the list of attributes. This implies the receiver of the Side By Side shotgun is purposely made in a way it can tolerate the same amount of gas pressure as that of a Safari rifle. While Steel interlocked steel is an example of Merkel locking mechanisms that work on the ‘steel is always locked on steel’ principle, the Merkel top-down principle means that the topmost calibre of every gun class sets the standard for the breech of all the other Side By Side guns and underlying versions.

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