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Merkel Rifles

The lineup of Merkel Rifles is inclusive of Merkel Double Rifles, Merkel RX Helix Rifles, Merkel K3 Single Shot Rifles and Merkel B3 Rifles. A closer look at the rifles would reveal:

• Merkel Double Rifles is popular with classical driven hunt specialists. Apart from their legendary elegance and responsiveness, the fast-action and precise rifle comes with other features like Merkel Duo manual cocking system, set trigger, long side plates, and single trigger for a quick second shot.

• The Merkel RX Helix is known as the ‘queen of hunting rifles’. It was developed in a hunting lodge in the year 2007. It comes with features such as a closed system housing, linkage-driven hammer, manual cocking lever, solid bolt head, and Merkel safebolt. The Helix can be taken down without tools and easily transported owing to the bolt barrel system.

• The Merkel K3 Single Shot Rifles are apt for use in mountainous regions and deer stalking. They come in an easy-to-handle size and low weight. Features include octagonal barrel, finely tuned trigger, steel receiver, tilted lock breech, side plates inlaid in a prism, and engraved screws.

• Merkel B3 Rifles are the practical and robust option for rifle users. The list of attributes is rounded off with a duralumin receiver, lower barrels that are horizontally and vertically adjustable, a trigger that is finely adjustable and double lock with manual cocking system. The rifles also feature Jager tilted block breech that detaches and locks steel-on-steel in the barrel.

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