Sig Sauer Rifles

Experience excellence in firearm engineering with Sig Sauer rifles. Renowned for their precision, reliability, and cutting-edge technology, Sig Sauer rifles, including the MCX, MPX, and M400 stand at the forefront of the industry.

Seekins Rifles

With its newly designed, lightweight carbon composite stock and hand-bedded barreled action, this rifle is able to handle mother nature's extreme conditions providing the hunter with repeatable accuracy and Seekins' unparalleled reliability.

Bergara Rifles

Enjoy custom quality in every tactical and hunting rifle Bergara offers. The Premier Series of tactical and hunting rifles serve as an extension of the Custom Series, while the B-14 series offers incredible value.

Tikka Rifles

Tikka Rifles: Notorious for their exceptional action and accuracy, Tikka is responsible for some of the best out-of-the-box rifles widely available today. With endless aftermarket support and exceptionally smooth action, the T3x action is popular for both Hunters and long-range precision enthusiasts.

Precision Rifles

Precision rifles are specialized firearms designed for long-range accuracy, featuring heavy barrels, adjustable stocks, and precise triggers. Equipped with high-powered optics, these rifles are favored by precision shooters and marksmen for their ability to deliver accurate shots at extended distances.

Christensen Arms FFT Rifles and Stocks

Discover unbeatable deals on Christensen Arms FFT rifles and stocks at Scopelist. Shop our selection for the best prices on Ridgeline FFT, Mesa FFT, Mesa Sitka FFT rifles, and Ridgeline/Mesa FFT sporter stocks.

Top Outdoor Gear Deals

Discover unbeatable deals on top outdoor gear at Scopelist. Shop our 'Top Outdoor Gear Deals' for the best prices on clothing, footwear, bags, archery equipment, and more.


Explore our diverse range of crossbows, featuring top brands like TenPoint, Ravin, Mission, Centerpoint, Wicked Ridge, and Excalibur. The choice is yours for superior performance and precision.

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