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Mauser Model M03

Introduced in 2003 and following the continuing tradition of innovation, excellence in craftsmanship and embellishment, the Mauser M03 is the epitome of the bolt action rifle.  Tracing its lineage to the Mauser Model 98 rifle that has stood the test of time, the M03 has a number of modern innovations such as a manual cocking safety that results in complete shooter control over the rifle, to the ability to quickly take the rifle down for transport and storage.  Simple caliber changes offer the shooter the ability to match rifle and cartridge to the game being pursued.   The Mauser M03 is available in the following configurations:

M03 Basic Model: Mauser safety system for manual cocking.  Current safety requirements stipulate that hunting rifles must be carried uncocked. The M03 is cocked manually just before firing. This is easily done in the firing position.  

M03 Alpine: The M03 Alpine will especially appeal to connoisseurs of classic rifle design. A subtle hog back stock with double fold Bavarian cheek piece, reshaped pistol grip and an elegant drop point forend characterize the elegant lines.  The decoration also includes extra fine fish scale checkering and ebony caps on for-end and pistol grip to give this rifle its unique feel. The M03 Alpine is exclusively produced in select grade 5 curl wood.

M03 Africa: The M03 Africa combines all the attributes of a classic big game bolt action rifle with the safety and diversity of the M03. The rifles excellent balance ensures rapid, intuitive aiming. In order to significantly reduce the recoil of heavy calibers, each M03 Africa has an extra b and long barrel and a kickstop installed in the stock. The M03 Africa barrel is also available as an interchangeable barrel.

M03 Extreme: Many hunters dedicated to the Mauser name have been waiting for this latest development of the M03. The synthetic, highly functional stock stands in perfect harmony with the classical appearance of the M03. The “Extreme” with its high quality steel in action and barrel constitutes a rifle which is able to cope with any weather condition nature throws at it enabling it to withstand extreme heat, cold or moisture. The high density, shatter free stock boasts black non-slip elastomer inlays. The sling swivel can be found on the tip of the fore end. The fore end is specially reinforced for the placement of a bi-pod adapter. The plasma nitrated steel blends in perfectly with the dark gray color of the synthetic stock. The M03 Extreme is also available in the Africa, Solid and Match variants

Mauser M03 Special Edition "The Oaks": The supreme example of the gunmakers art and features every exposed metal piece boasts a silver grey coating and is covered in rich Oak Leaf engravings.  The magazine base plate depicts a mature red stag surrounded by oak leaf, a wild boar is placed on the steel grip cap and the barrel and sight bases are also engraved with oak leafs and are additionally lined with gold inlays

Scopelist is pleased to be a Mauser M03 dealer/distributor and can explain the various options available.  Please call (866) 271-7212 to discuss with our knowledgeable salespersons.

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