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MasterPiece Arms

Masterpiece Arms is one of the leading names in the firearms industry that manufactures most of its components in their huge manufacturing facility located in Comer, GA. This firearm company is definitely not an assembling house and utilize their over 20,000 sq ft facility for producing Masterpiece Arms chassis, firearms, accessories, and all its components. The company has been manufacturing high-quality MAC 10 pistol clones and machining parts for other companies for many years now. They released their first ever precision rifle lineup in 2014 and went on to receive The Truth About Guns magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award for their MPA-308 BA rifle in 2015. The people working in the Masterpiece Arms’ facility are passionate about firearms and the engineers always work on new weapon designs. The truly US-made MPA Arms and Suppressors are popular in both US and international markets.

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