March X 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated, March X 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated, March X 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated -
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March-X 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated

The March-X “High Master” 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated Riflescope is designed for the most discerning competitive shooter! Featuring Super ED lenses made with high-refractive glass, the scope offers edge-to-edge clarity, natural color, and a high resolution image. The scope features a traditional plex reticle in the second focal plane, parallax correction, and exposed turrets with Zero-Set functionality. The March-X “High Master” 5-50x56 Non-Illuminated Riflescope is an ideal optic for competition, benchrest shooting, or varmint hunting.

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