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Manners Composite Stocks

Manners Composite Stocks was founded by Thomas Manners. Manners, in collaboration with a group of popular .50 BMG benchrest shooters, created designs for a new .50 BMG bench stock, in 2001. With the help of space age manufacturing processes and materials, they came up with a unique carbon fiber stock. This composite stock by Manners now holds almost all of the 1000 yard .50 BMG records. Besides, the company is now known as a leading manufacturer of exceptionally strong, stiff and lightweight stocks. It makes tactical, hunting and competition Manners stocks.

While Manners Composite Tactical Stocks are developed to uphold ruggedness, stability, accuracy and ergonomics, and provide correct stiffness to weight ratio (by making use of advanced methods during the manufacturing process), the Manners Composite Hunting Stocks range is inclusive of the Elite Hunter Series. They are as light as possible but at the same time maintain ruggedness, stability, accuracy and ergonomics. Manners Composite Competition Stocks, on the other hand, are inclusive of the F- class stock, and endowed with very long stocks.

The category of Manners Composite Stocks for sale is divided into Manners TF1 Stocks, Manners TF1A Stocks, Manner T2 Stocks, Manners T2A Stocks, Manners T4 Stocks, Manners T5A Stocks, Manners T4A Stocks, Manners T5 Stocks, Manners T6A Stocks, and Manner Tikka CTR Stocks.

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