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Manners T5A Stocks

Manners T5A Stocks are developed around a Rem 700 style action and constructed of 100% carbon fiber. They are replete with a set of important features and the list is inclusive of a non adjustable cheek, lengthened pistol grip (about 1/4″ longer compared to the T2 stock), standard and fixed 1 inch Pachmyer Decelerator pad, half textured stock back, 2.8 lbs. standard weight, forend that is about 2.50 inches wide and capable of taking barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter,

The sides as well as the bottom of the forend along with the butt bottom behind the hook are parallel with the bore to result in an extremely straight and true shot while using bags.

In addition, despite being blueprinted around a Rem 700 style action, MCS-T5A or the Manners T5A stock can be inletted for Savage short actions with Savage BDL mini chassis, along with other actions. Browse through the lineup of Manners T4 Stocks for sale and select the one that is most suitable for your needs and applications. Shop now for a successful day at the range or the field.

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