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Manners T4A Stocks

Manners is a leading name in developing tactical series stocks. Manners T4A stocks come with standard features such as KMW hardware, an adjustable cheek, and fixed 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad. You can also buy Manners t4a on sale from with optional 1/2″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad and butt spacer system. Manners stocks t4a has about 2.50” wide forend and is capable of taking barrels of diameter up to 1.350 inches. Forend's bottom as well as sides behind the hook is parallel with the bore. Manners T4A for sale fulfill all the essential features of strong tactical stocks such as accuracy, stability, ruggedness, and ergonomics.

Other Features

  • Available in the Elite Tactical shell option, featuring 100% carbon fiber and same technology found in Manners Elite Hunter series of stocks
  • Standard tough armor grip
  • Standard textured clear finish over the top
  • 4.2 lbs standard weight

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