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Manner MCS T2A Stock’s outer shells is manufactured from 35% aircraft grade carbon fiber with the rest 65% from fiberglass in multiple layers. It also comes with Elite Tactical shell option for tactical shooters. Manners t2a stock on sale features adjustable cheek, 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad, and KMW hardware.

You can also buy Manners Stock T2A on sale from with optional Pachmyer Decelerator pad and butt spacer system. Manners stocks t2a has 2.40" wide forend tip and is capable of taking barrels having diameter up to 1.350 inches. About 3/4" wide flat bottom along with true running sides. When using a rear bag, the stock rides very straight and true. It can be used with Rem 700 style action, Howa, Savage, Winchester, and other actions. Manners engineers have designed the stock with correct stiffness to weight ratio.

Other Features

  • Its standard weight is 3.9 lbs.
  • Ultra strong,
  • Superior materials, hardware, and functionality
  • Durable

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