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Leupold Optics has manufactured an array of world-class products in a time frame of multiple decades. It has been the pioneer in offering waterproofing capability by infusing riflescopes with nitrogen. That is not all; Leupold is also the first brand to make compact riflescopes, turret-mounted focusing, Duplex reticles and a host of other unique attributes.

Crafted in the US, each Leupold product is made to go through rigorous durability testing in the industry before being introduced to the buyers. The collection of Leupold scopes, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders and other products is distinguished by features like advanced technology, high precision optics, efficient light management, and extreme levels of clarity, toughness, durability and mechanical reliability. The quintessential brand has been in business for more than 100 years. It is family-owned and powered by over 600 highly skilled workers.

Leupold Optics categories is inclusive of Leupold Riflescopes, Leupold Binoculars, Leupold Spotting Scopes, Leupold Reflex Sights, and Leupold Laser rangefinders.

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