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Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T Scopes

Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T scope is tailor-made for tactical weapons such as AR15 and M16. This Leupold Mark 4 series amalgamates the best of a red dot sight and variable power riflescope. It is known to deliver extreme levels of speed, efficiency, and cover maximum range, to earn distinction and render itself suitable for Close Quarters / Tactical (CQ/T) situations. It is capable of offering variable zoom, and fast and precise close to medium range performance.

The Leupold scopes magnification can be kept at 1x or ramped up 3x for tactical scenarios and engaging targets at medium range or longer range shooting. The scope's reticle makes it suitable for use during the day as well as night and two of it’s illuminated reticle settings are compatible with night vision instruments. To add more, additional Leupold riflescope accessories can be used by attaching them to the scope body. The sight is also capable of providing specialized eye relief for M-16 firearm cheek weld.