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Leupold VX-1 Scopes

Leupold VX-1 Scopes

Leupold VX-1 Scopes offer the highest quality, performance and value in their class. They have been redesigned and fine-tuned to ensure the same. The series is inclusive of 100% lead free glass and multicoat 4 lens coatings, that come together to complement its phenomenal quantum optical system. Other features of the VX-1 scopes consist of power selection ring, finger adjustable turrets, new industrial body, streamlined eyepiece, gold plated medallion carrying the Leupold symbol (on the turret) and lens covers.

While the scope body tapers down to the lock ring without affecting the classic Leupold style, the added grip of the raised finger tab makes using the power selection ring extremely convenient. The multicoat 4 lens coatings, on the other hand, facilitate optimal light gathering ability and up to 92% light transmission along with sharp sight picture. The total light transmission levels achieved by the scope is from 92% to 96%. The turrets are available with turret caps.

Furthermore, the Leupold VX-1 Scope can be modified in the company’s Custom Shop. It is designed, machined and assembled in America, and covered by the brand’s Full Lifetime Guarantee.

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