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Leupold Red Dot Sights

Leupold Red Dot Sights

Leupold Reflex Sights not only have limitless applications but also prove to be ideal for almost every conceivable application. These Leupold red dot sights are built in compatibility with a number of weapons that is inclusive of shotguns, handguns, AR rifles and plinking, and suitable for home defense and competitive shooting.

Available as Leupold DeltaPoint Reflex Sights, these devices are endowed with a precise red dot and many important aspects of reflex sight technology. Each Leupold Reflex Sight is capable of delivering exceptional levels of accuracy and an intuitive operation. Some of its features include outstanding optics, DiamondCoat lens coverings, proprietary motion sensor technology, superior battery life, lightweight magnesium/ aluminum housing, rugged construction, and waterproof and fogproof integrity. One of the most popular Leupold Reflex Sights is the Leupold Carbine Optic Red Dot MAtte 1 MOA Dot 119691.

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