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Leica Televid APO-82 Angled Spotting scope body only 40121

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Leica’s APO-Televid 82 is a supreme tool for observing nature, made for those who demand no optical compromises in an instrument that’s small and light enough to be carried on a strenuous, daylong hike.

With the APO-Televid 82 series, Leica started with what was loved from the older Televid scopes and further improved upon them with all the best of what’s come along since.  Continuous improvement is a subtle affair; the APO-Televid has unflinchingly good optics and a new bayonet system, but perhaps the best reason of all to choose a Leica APO-Televid is their 25-50x WW ASPH. eyepiece (not supplied standard).  This is the first zooming eyepiece for a spotting scope which maintains a wide viewing angle throughout its zoom range, even at the lower magnifications.  If you prefer the simplicity and eye relief of a non-zooming unit there is the optional #41016 32x WW eyepiece, with an outrageously wide 73° apparent viewing angle.  But with the 25-50x WW eyepiece, you enjoy a ~59-80° apparent field of view!  This alone is a reason to upgrade-you’ll be swimming in the experience, your vision completely surrounded with the viewing field.  It makes for a more emotionally engaging observing session, and for most will heartily trump carrying a pair of eyepieces or just accepting the more narrow apparent fields at lower magnifications that historically came with zooming eyepieces.

Another modern benefit enjoyed by the APO-Televid 82 is Leica’s latest hydrophobic (water-repelling) lens coating for every external objective and eyepiece lens element.  This coating allows water droplets to pearl off and slide away, significantly increasing the usability of the unit when observing in damp or wet conditions.

This is the angled version of the 82mm APO-Televid, which delivers the view at a 45° angle relative to where the scope is pointed.  This requires a bit more experience to get the hang of using, but is generally preferred whenever you’re sharing the viewing with multiple users or if you’re using the scope to view celestial objects.

• Brilliant #41019 25-50x WW ASPH. zoom eyepiece maintains wide viewing angle throughout zoom range
• 4-Element, apochromatic color-corrected optical system with multicoatings upon both sides of each component
• FL (fluoride glass) lens element yields ultimate performance
• Hydrophobic AquaDura lens coating (upon Televid’s objectives and eyepieces) repels moisture and debris, to reduce misting and keep lenses clean in tough, windy conditions
• Dual-geared rapid and fine focusing mechanism acquires focus quickly and makes easy high magnification adjustments
• Rotating tripod collar with detented click stops
• Retractable lenshood with built-in peepsight to help quickly locate subjects
• Optional #42306 SLR camera adapter or #42304 Digital Adapter 3 digiscoping adapter


Scope Finish:matte black
Scope Body Weight:2.4 lb / 1.1 kg
Dimensions:L: 12.3 x H: 4.3 x W: 3.9" / L: 31.3 x H: 10.8 x W: 10.1 cm
Objective Lens Diameter:82 mm
Item Condition:New
Product TypeShop All Spotting Scope
BrandShop All Leica
Date First Available30 June 2013
Last Updated18 January 2022
Leica Televid APO-82 Angled Spotting scope body only 40121
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