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Leica Riflescopes

Leica Riflescopes

Leica Riflescopes increase the user’s chance of success with their unique optics, precise details, technical excellence, remarkable light transmission and high levels of contrast. The lineup is distinguished by the presence of high-performance optics and sophisticated technology, and divided into five series of riflescope models. The existing Leica ER Riflescopes and Leica ER 5 Riflescopes are complemented with the new Leica ER i Riflescopes, Leica Magnus (i), and Leica Visus (i LW). Visus i LW is the high-performance all-rounder with unique product layout and surface finishing, and Magnus i series is loaded with proven optical and mechanical systems along with unique details such as turret scale zeroing (without tools) and reticles (with optimised dot coverage). The extremely reliable ER i series, on the other hand, has attributes like 10 cm/4 inches eye relief, which is longest in its class.

Highlights of Leica Rifle Scopes

  • Strength and Precision - The Leica rifle scopes are manufactured to stand up to a lifetime of usage, and offer highest levels of strength and precision.
  • High-performance Optics - Leica’s superior optics is backed by the most sophisticated and precise technology to enhance the hit potential of the user, every time the scope is subjected to use.
  • Excellent Ergonomics - This is well-illustrated by the Leica scopes’ intuitive handling, and exceptional light transmission, image quality, contrast and design.
  • Caters to every kind of hunting - Armed with an extensively lab-tested and user-oriented design, all Leica Riflescopes are engineered to perform in all types of situations and field sport circumstances.

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