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Leica ER 5 Riflescopes

Leica ER 5 Riflescopes

Leica ER 5 Riflescopes bring on board German quality for the passionate North American hunter. The quick action scopes are distinguished by their precision mechanics, supreme optics and exceptional durability. They are suitable for different kinds of hunting needs and close quarter applications, and for shooters obsessed with high performance.

The Leica ER 5 Riflescope’s brilliant optics, with a versatile magnification range and wide-range 5x zoom factor, make sure none of the necessary details are missed, even in dense covers. The point of impact can be found with precision and the scope turrets are effortlessly resettable without additional tools. The scopes encourage high levels of shooter safety by providing longest eye relief in their class and an accommodating exit pupil. They are quite easy to use as well.

Based on German engineered, Leica ER 5 riflescopes serve as the ideal hunting companion through variants like Leica ER 5 1-5x24 Plex, Leica ER 5 1-5x24 German 4a, Leica ER 5 1-5x24 Circle Plex and Leica ER 5 1-5x24 LE-TAC.

Leica ER 5 Reticle options include the all-purpose 1 Plex reticle; German 4a Classic European style reticle; Ballistic reticle for fast hold-over determinations and distances beyond point blank range; Magnum Ballistic reticle for rapid hold-over range determinations for improved magnum ballistics; Circle Plex reticle for quick target acquisition in heavy cover; and LE-TAC reticle that facilitates instant target acquisition with fast visual ranging. The reticles are located on the second focal plane. They can be used for visibility in low light or against dark backgrounds; big game, dangerous game and pig hunting; mountains, open plains, big game hunting and varmint shooting; turkey hunting or action shooting sports; or close quarter environments.

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