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Leica Red Dot Sights

With the new Tempus ASPH red dot sight, Leica Sport Optics makes hunting faster and more flexible. Leica is the first premium manufacturer to implement its red dot sight with asphere, guaranteeing an even crisper and more brilliant image of the illuminated dot, extremely high image quality as well as excellent viewing comfort. 

The clear, sharply outlined illuminated dot allows a considerably more precise and faster identification of the game in every hunting situation. The shot is placed precisely where the red dot is seen, regardless of the angle when targeting fast. Another special feature of the Tempus ASPH. is its high-contrast and brilliant image performance. The natural colour rendition and outstanding light transmission offer a clear and high-contrast image, maximising comfort and safety when shooting running game.

Especially at driven hunts what really counts are factors like speed, precision and safety. Therefore, the extremely bright illuminated dot can be dimmed in 12 stages according to the lighting situation, making it clearly visible in sunshine, unfavourable weather or when everything is covered under a thick layer of snow. 

Milled from a single piece of aluminum, the compact and lightweight housing of the Tempus ASPH. is also extremely rugged and robust. The Tempus is available in two different versions: Either with dot size 3.5 MOA for more visibility of the target mark or with dot size 2.0 MOA for minimal target coverage.

Benefits at a glance:

  • High-end sight for driven hunts offering maximum flexibility, safety and speed when shooting running game
  • Premium design with aspherical optics for a crisp and brilliant illuminated dot, excellent viewing comfort and high-contrast image quality
  • Sleek, lightweight and rugged product design – milled from a single piece of aluminum
  • Two models: Tempus ASPH. 2.0 MOA, Tempus ASPH. 3.5 MA

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