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Leica ER Riflescopes

Leica ER Riflescopes

In search of rugged optical sighting instruments that are precise and capable of offering heavy duty performance? You may consider the Leica ER Riflescope. Designed particularly for field use and pairing up with large caliber hunting rifles, the scopes are packed with a host of unique features. They come with a large objective diameter to gather as much as light as possible apart from a long tube for convenient mounting and generous eye relief to spare. Their magnification range is laudable as well.

Select from superior quality Leica ER Scopes editions like the Leica ER 2.5-10x42 or the Leica ER 3.5-14x42 and get started. While the former is an all arounder with an expanded field of view for fast acquisition, the latter boasts of high magnification and an optional ASV elevation turret.

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