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Leica Visus

Leica Visus i LW Rifle Scope range is a high-performance all-rounder having unique surface finishing and product design features. These scopes are meant for those who are looking for exceptional value. They are not only uncompromising, durable, and precise but also reliable, robust, universal and right on target. In addition to that, the new Leica Visus scope lineup comes with quality glass and mechanical ability, with an aesthetically pleasing look. Leica Visus i LW Rifle Scopes are available with matte or high gloss finish, to complement the look of the rifle they are paired with. Reticle options include Reticle L-4a, BDC (Bullet drop compensator), Direct Dial ring, and Ballistics programme for Leica rapid reticle adjustment (BDC).

Important Features

Elegance Perfected - Leica Visus i LW rifle scope range perfects elegance, bringing classic looks to cutting edge. These models are amazing all-rounders that can be used for all kinds of hunting purposes, right from blind shooting to stalking.

Unique Design - Visus i LW has unique product design as well as surface finishing, making them an elegant glossy product. These are exceedingly elegant, reliable, and universal.

Perfect All-rounder - This rifle scope is a high performance all-rounder that provides premium quality as well as amazing optical performance in an elegant design.

Leica Visus i LW Rifle Scope Range

  • Leica Visus 3-12x50 i LW Glossy
  • Leica Visus 3-12x50 i LW Matte
  • Leica Visus 2.5-10x42 i LW Glossy
  • Leica Visus 2.5-10x42 i LW Matte

Reticles with Leica Visus i LW Rifle Scopes

This riflescope range comes with L-4a reticle. Optional BDC bullet drop compensation system can be ordered with Visus i LW Rifle Scopes.

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