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Laser Technology

Laser Technology is one of the best companies in manufacturing cutting-edge speed and distance measurement instruments. The line of products is essentially laser-based, and inclusive of Laser Technology rangefinders, speed guns and sensors along with tilt and compass sensors that help in measuring heights and azimuth bearings. They are used for calculating distances and heights with a maximum range of of over 2000 metres, estimating distance and inclination with extreme accuracy.

Laser Technology’s industry leading designs and products are extensively used across the globe for applications like field data collection, hunting, shooting and more. The company is also given the credit for coming up with the first commercial laser speed enforcement device for the law enforcement circle. Their laser speed as well as mapping tools are in use by global law enforcement agencies, department of Forestry, construction companies, GIS & GPS Mapping, Telecommunications, Natural Resource Management sectors, mining industry and utility industry.

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