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Lapua is a pioneer in making sniper ammunition and Lapua firearms are crafted to perfection for special occasions. The special purpose ammunition is made to match same grade requirements like that of Lapua’s target ammunition, and built to the toughest standards. Its quality is not only certified but also approved by many special forces and armies across the globe. Its long-term collaboration with various defence organizations has helped it comprehend the distinctive requirements of the military and professional teams.

Lapua continues to go ahead with a goal of, not just meeting but, exceeding requirements and making the most accurate professional use long-range cartridges available. Their dependability and precision is revered all over the world. This is because Lapua’s professional use long-range cartridges are made with the same precision as its popular sport shooting products.

The highlight of Lapua’s quality and accuracy is .338 Lapua Magnum, a firearm that has an workable range of up to 1500 meters. Notwithstanding the effective range, Lapua 338 caliber rifles have a size and weight that is similar to 7.62 mm rifles. In addition to that, the .338 caliber weapon system is comparatively lower in weight than the .50 BMG system. These attributes prove to be extremely advantageous for shooters.

That is not all; Lapua provides a wide selection of .338 Lapua Magnum weapon system, comprising Ball, Armour Piercing, Open-Tip, Blank, Drill, Armour Piercing Incendiary and Solid cartridges, to the quintessential shooter.

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